We insure from private property to commercial property, including hotels and lodges on an all risk basis. We don’t insure industrial property and engineering works.

Rifles and Hunting Equipment

We insure your rifle, hunting equipment and accessories such as binoculars on an event basis.


Any wildlife on a asses all risk basis for capturing, transport , post release stress and or velt

Our Select Partners


Who We Are

We all work together as a team to be the best , create quality products and deliver great service to our clients and partners.
We are Risk Guard Alliance. - Building people constructs.

What do we do?

RGA is a Short Term Insurance underwriting company that packages and sells a security on behalf of Lion of Africa Insurance Company with mandate to offer our market specific products to the general public through independent brokers.

Brief history?

RGA was establish in 2006 as a general UMA with the focus on hospitality business. Part of RGA, DNA innovate and evolve. We also added other products such as motorcycle insurance in 2009, a rifle insurance, unique product to south African in 2011, and in 2012 we added wildlife insurance to our product offerings.

In 2016 we re-evaluated our position in the market place and had to make changes to best address services delivery. We had to make decisions to ensure that we are relevant in the future and have our part to play in the south African insurance industry. If we focus on certain products we can deliver good service and quality products.

In 2017 RGA announced that it will hence forth underwrite Property, wildlife and rifle insurance in the business. Since then we have introduced a new wildlife product in 2017, which specifically addresses gaps in covers. Currently we are introducing our new asset, all risk property, wording that is written in a client friendly manner. It will also form the bases for any future expansion.

What makes us different?

We are real, authentic people and we take responsibility for our roles. At RGA the decision makers are part of the day to day team. We get out of our offices and into yours for face-to-face, heart-to-heart meetings. We understand the different roles that each person has to fulill. This interdependence means that we build sustainable transaction, based on being fair and making everyone part of the transaction.

What does this mean for the client/broker/Insurer and reinsurers service suppliers? Not everything is black and white and we do take many aspects of the transaction into account if we make decisions. Give to get, a part of being authentic is to give without expecting something back or keeping tabs. We are not robots, we love problem solving and to improve things for all people in our “people-constructs”. We can make meaningful changes to better the outcome of the scenario. Why? Because we can!

At the center of our business are the people. From our employees, clients, brokers, insurers and reinsurers, it’s all about the people. We accept that we have responsibility and people entrust us to insure their valuable property. On the other hand we need to make sure that we are a profitable business. How do we achieve this? By being fair to everyone that takes part of our client and that we are a part of.